Hadas Tapouchi


Hadas is fascinated by how society is designed by constructs of culture that are formed through architecture, psychology, and education. Especially concerned with the way in which society assimilates these constructs and obeys them, her work addresses these issues through visual documentation and research.

Questions such as how normalisation is embodied in power and why society needs this power, have been leading her research. Power strives to be understood as something unreachable; through banality it assumes a double character, both overexposed and invisible/hidden simultaneousiy.  


Latest News


EAF - Enter Art Foundation 26-10/03.11.2018 - Cologne, Germany

TAF - The Art Foundation

01-18.11.2018 - Athens, Greece.


Matienschön's, Buenos Aires, Argentina -2019.


Exercising Modernity, Berlin, Germany.