The viewers are exposed to the day-long domestic routine of an anonymous character, controlled mechanically and automatically by the body. The body makes its own decisions and is the sovereign, while the heads mental and emotional functions are o longer relevant. The cinematography is static and meticulous, shot as if it were still photographs, resembling the mechanism of a shutter staying open for a while, allowing motion to occur. The viewers quickly discover that they have become voyeurs to intimate ritual activities, which test the limits of pleasure and pain. The sexual act is perceived as the 'divine' while in progress, but as it ends, it receives a totally different interpretation, unclear whether it is merely an act for the ritual itself, nothing divine after all. Thus the autocracy of self indulging eroticism echoes in the public space declaring the performance of the martyr. Boldly, the reddening skin of the woman arousing her own body in the shower, is portrays the burning flesh of the scorched revolutionary. The erotic experimentation field draws its imagery from the town square, qualifying the bodies to immerse themselves in the crowds while becoming addicted to the tortured sexual menu of the domestic space. By placing the video adjunct to a brain scan, the anonymous character receives its missing head, but it is a surreal and disembodied attachment. The character stays anonymous and the viewers remain helpless. Attaching the head fixates and corroborates the puppet like robotics of the character. This is the mind of everyone and no one, a mind of an idea, lacking flesh and blood. The aesthetic-artistic experience is used as an anchor for the viewers' tumbling between repulsion and attraction, masking everything like the great divine - something to console in.



This video dance performance tries to express the body´s pain of separation, and to depict the body´s anguish as well as the soul´s. Performed by the performance artist Michal Agasi.



"Mara Schora" (Black Bile) is a film that was shot both in Tel-Aviv and Berlin. It reflects on biographical and identity issues, presenting the story of four different women in one critical moment of their lives.  The film describes their personalties and their reactions, and what all of them share.



"Berries," is a silent, reflective work that tries to make a sound and does not succeed, thoughts tangled within themselves: Separation, repression, passivity, soul-searching, and self pity. Eating prevents the person from speaking, alienating the character from being part of the situation. As the voices in her head intensify, the berries rot, eating becoming a nauseating act.



Confession is a short video work that checks the boundaries of language. The character tries to describe memory, forgetfulness and migration.

cinematography 7:53

Sunrise - Eitan Buganim

A short video about a song of two humans.


cinematography 5:05

reutopia - Tamar Nissim

A short film about a family complicity. The film was shown at Inbal Theatre and the Tel-Aviv Cinematheque.