Third Generation

The term "Third Generation" refers to individuals who are 3rd generation to WW2, thus were born within the same time period.  “Generation” has become a symbolic concept suggesting that people of the same age share a similar social experience and moreover, a “collective memory”. The periods I relate to are: the end of WW2, and the establishment of the state of Israel  - along with the Palestinian Nakba. The project examines the term “Third Generation”, how the term “generation” associates biographical aspects of individual experience with a symbolic and political level of “collective memory”. Simultaneously “collective identity” functions as a type of ideological “transmission-belt” for problematic collective concepts such as nation, culture, religion and so on. At first glance, this collective mishmash establishes a “post-ideological” culture. The term “generation” thereby functions as an exemplary case of “mythologizing” (Roland Barthes) . This process ultimately turns political questions based on concepts, ideas, ideologies etc., into pseudo-natural/cultural narratives. However, the introduction of the notion of a “Third Generation” to this field, causes a different political discourse: Rather than promoting an apologetic approach with regards to German history, the “Third Generation” discourse maintains a distance from revanchist or overtly nationalistic positions. On the flipside, the self-evident and unavoidable belonging to a generation pertains the unquestioned belief that a generation provides a quasi-neutral standpoint of biographical age, cleaned of all social, national or religious traces.